Lake Fayette – Fayette County Lake

Lake Fayette, Texas – Fayette County lake

Lak Fayette - Fayette County LakeFayette County Lake is located 10 miles east of La Grange off Highway 159.

The lake serves as the cooling pond for the Fayette Power Plant. The waters stay fairly warm year round which allows bass fishermen to have a chance at great fish all year long.

The lake was originally stocked with largemouth bass. It’s a slot limit lake which is managed to insure a continued supply of 3 -6 pound bass. This has been a favorite lake for bass fishermen since 1979.

I also like Fayette County Lake because it provides a nice supply of Red Ear Sunfish and bluegill. I’ve spend many a morning helping people enjoy a day on the lake chasing these little fighters. Can you say FISH FRY?!?

Main Fish Species

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Sunfish/Bluegill
  • Catfish

Best Time to FishFishing in Texas Lakes

The water stays warm most of the year, so bass fishing can be good all year. The best times though, like most lakes is spring and fall, the best being February through June.

During Spring and summer, you can also get into some great Red Ear Sunfish action. The photo on the left will give you some idea of what you expect to catch.

Boat Launch Locations

Two boat launch locations, Oak Thicket Park and Park Prairie Park.

Bank Fishing Opportunities

Bank fishing opportunities can also be found at Oak Thicket Park and Park Prairie Park.

Pier Fishing Opportunities

Oak Thicket Park and Park Prairie Park

Fishing Tips from the locals

Bass can be found in the trees near the launch at Oak Thicket Park. Senkos and wacky worms work well.

In the winter, fish the warm water on the discharge side of the power plant where bait fish congregate.

Red Ear Sunfish gather near the bank at the edge of grass during spring and summer. Some of the larger sunfish can be caught by looking for sandy bottom near those grass edges.

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Lake Fayette